Wednesday, July 30, 2008


  • Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uols uols..apa khabar semua? sudah lama tidak ketemu kan...weols kat sini sangat bz...almaklumlah kelas dah start sumer...jadi mcm tak betul skit perjalanan kehidupan harian weols...

Ni weols nak citer pasal malam ni...dah lama menunggu, weols dah plan nak turun jb gitew, tapi tak jadi...sumernya gara2 sesapa tah yang memandai ubah date sumer...

Tonight, the battle of marching bands, national round will be held again, the same we had many years back. sempena anjuran KLWMBC, tahun ni punya national comp harus dibuat kat kl, bagi memeriahkan competition tew...rasa mcm tak sabar lagi nak pegi tengok...happy sangat, yelah dah lama tak dengar bunyi drum yang berderap2 tew...high tension kan..yang best nya nan hwa is coming back in action, ksah pon ada jugak...ish happy!!!

uols sumer pegi tak?haruslah kan tak pegi...wajib's once in a year...berbaloi jah kalau pegi tengok sumer dah ikut DCI, dengan color guards, good percussion, well trained blowers...a synchronization that makes their music sounds beautiful!

oklah uols...till we meet again...daaaaaa

Thursday, July 10, 2008


An old saying says " when you get older, you'll get wiser"...

Today, july 10, I am stepping forward to another figure that officially makes me feel a little bit older than ever. It has been a fantastic day; warm greetings and wishes from acquaitances...close and far, surprises...unpredictable (thanks to my loved ones for making it so real that i couldn't foresee that it was going to happen), and a simple, short but profound sms from someone that i hardly hear greetings coming out from the mouth...i thank you deeply.

Tracking back what has occured in one's life would make him realize how far he has gone through. Some just don't feel satisfy for what he has achieved and hunger for even more, some would be just remaining complacent, carry on with life and expect nothing big. As for me, turning 22 brings me to another episode in my life that i should venture and make it wonderful for a year to come. Many things in mind that I plan to do, but only Him will permit those requests. Insyaallah.

Life, is too broad to be chattered about. Life of A is totally different than the life of B. Similiraties, however, may appear rather apparent for we are created to serve an ultimate purpose, as the vicegerents of His. Setbacks, joy, cry, laugh; everything in life is of an important essence to equip us to become a better person.

All in all, uols sumer yang mesti rindu weols punya entry baru...sorrylah kakaks busy memanjang orang pon tak sempat komen nih...ahaks...apa2pon, happy birthday to iols...semoga panjang umur,murah rezeki, berjaya dunia akhirat dan apa dihajati dimakbul tuhan. tak gitew???daaa...