Friday, May 29, 2009

angels and demons

This was the last movie that i watched recently, just didnt have enough time to watch the others that came out almost at the same time or a bit later after it..

Stunning and beautiful, all i could say about the movie..some scenes in it were just so breathtaking that i was taken aback while all concentration was devoted to it. i quote the blog that i read previously, angels and demons introduce to many of us how rome looks like. the roads are flooded with people, old churches and chappels fill the sight of everybody, flashes of camera lights blind all's eyes, all in all...a place that i would visit someday.

While writing this, i am listening to one of its OST, science and religion. Hans Zimmer really is a wonderful composer, and i could still recall how people remained mute in the cinema..minds and eyes, all on the screen..the music, cinematography (when the lights exploded was the best), mysterious theme and puzzling words and routes are put together to produce this insightful film.

It portrays how church refused to accept science with its relentless march towards the world's civilisation that caused a thickened vengeance as that to blurt out. to me, science is supposed to be a good medium to manifest the existence of the Creator. science is a way to make a proof that such essence of a being must have been created by somebody. it is no exaggeration that anything can't exist on its own, for that attribute only belongs to Him..

Angels and demons, everybody must watch it!

HaBuk MEnggUnUng tinGGi

Haahhahahaa....motif start2 gelak?????????

goodness, bila la masa last weols berdua update blog ni...bulan puasa tahun lepas kee???mak aii...berzaman dahulu kala..

tadi baca blog mak hendonesia a.k.a. kodok a.k.a katak, iols nak komen entry dia yang satu tuh..tapi addinch haruslaaa (dengan nada amry) iols komen guna id ni..selamat ingat password, tidak addinch boleh iols komen blog mak hendonesia tuh..

as a matter of fact, serious tak tau nak tulis apa ok, saja jari jemari gatal ni haa nak tulis jugak something, nak mengalivekan blog ni katanyeee...kalau weols rajin weols update la ye..kalau addinch rajin, faham2la..

ok people...daaa...

peluk cium..