Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The most wanted bookshelf...

hurm...this is like the coolest idea ever...
so for those yg byk 'list' yg duk kumpul2 drp zaman sekolah tue bleh lah uols 'compile' list uols tue untuk dijadikan bookshelf...

Friday, July 10, 2009


10 years ago…I was offered to further my studies at one of the most prestigious school in JB. I was clueless and didn’t know what to expect since it is a boys school which I don’t really comfortable to fit myself in. I don’t know why, but that’s the truth. The first day at school wasn’t that bad coz some of my friends from my previous school were there too...basically, we were randomly placed into few classes before we had to sit for a placement test. Then only we will be placed in our permanent class depending on the result of that particular test.

1perdana 3 was the class I was located before the exam. I had no friends at all in that class. That was sucks. For not letting others to notice my existence, I sat on a table next to the window. I was quiet although the class filled with noise from those over-excited students as if only they were chosen to be in that school…WTH? I looked around, and there was a loud talkative boy who was talking to his friend. And it’s YOU…the way you speak captured my attention. You converse with emotion…you were loud, your eyes were telling some stories, your hands moved accordingly when you speak, and most importantly you just didn’t bother what others would say about you. It’s you. And thanks a lot coz you entertained me when I was in that class although you were not talking to me. Looking at you is more than enough to make me laugh. Haha…

Again, we’re placed in the same class after that test. But I didn’t know about you that much until you actively involved in our school marching band. That was the starting point. As time flies, we became closer together with naufal and adli coz marching band is our passion before, now, and I firmly believe, forever. We had great times being the ‘4 ekor setan’. We had our ups and downs, we had joy, we had tears, we had everything until now. Well, these make us stronger. Even though there were four of us but I can say that two is a lot easier. So, there were times which we are closer to only one of us…I was once close with adli…and once with naufal…I did not get the opportunity to be closed with you. Maybe back then, we were not meant to be together. I don’t know…

Only after you moved to a different school when we were in form 5, I felt that something is missing…(even though I told you that I was quite happy when you decided to move…you know why)…but seriously…I felt different…first when naufal moved to SAMURA, then adli, then you got the offer to study in SAMURA too…only God knows how I felt during that time; losing one after another of my closest friends…thank God you changed your mind and stay. And few months after that adli came back.

After SPM, we went to different colleges, I was doing matriculation, you and adli was in MMU, naufal was in Lembah Beringin preparing himself to be a doctor….few months after that I got a call from you telling me that you got an offer to enroll in my matriculation to do law which I think suits you best. I pretended to be surprised hearing that news coz I just had a call from adli informing me that you are planning to further your studies in the same college with me. Huhu…you know that I’m good at this. During matriculation, we were close…you bring bliss and joy into my dull and boring life in matric…well, no one likes matric…it was like a jail with no bareback prisoner. So, we spent most of our time bitching around matric, singing curiga in d middle of the night, cap keli cap with our roommates, skipping classes just to go out of matric n lots more.

One day, we had this one conversation, I don’t remember what was the topic…but after that conversation, I left your room with my eyes filled with tears…I kept myself away from you as much as I can…we hardly talk to each other due to that incident…frankly speaking…I can’t recall what was actually happened…for some reason, we prolonged this ‘not talking’ session more than 3 months…you tried to talk to me but I was not ready…maybe I was too emotional…I did not understand what were you trying to say…that’s probably why I needed some time to be alone…

I graduated from matriculation a year earlier than you did…so we were apart from each other…I thought that I’ll be fine without you in my life…I can live on my own…I have my other friends…and in fact I’m at a different place…and if you are here too, we won’t be in the same faculty, why should I bother…but I was wrong, I realized that you made my life loaded with colours, if I had just white, you put purple, red, blue, green, yellow, and etc. So I decided to lessen my ego. I contacted you back and asked you out. We went to Mid Valley. It was like a fresh breath…since then we started to accept whatever flaws that we have…we became more tolerate…we share almost everything…I can say that we know each other very well…I will find you whenever I have problems…no matter what they are…it’s a lot easier talking to you rather than talking to my classmates…they don’t understand me like you, naufal and adli do…I even had consultation with you regarding my design even though you are a law student…haha…

I remember once I came to you after d most terrible presentation I’ve ever did…I was one of the lowest…design lecturers are very straight forward…they say whatever they wanna say…and most of the time they are harsh…I almost cried in d class and I sent you a msg coz I needed someone to talk to…and you were there to be my shoulder to cry on…we met at one of the cafĂ© for lunch but I had nothing that day…I was not in d mood although I was starving…you calmed me down…you gave me motivational words to boost up my confidence…thank God I recovered with new spirit…

You’ve done a lot so far…if I were to write everything here...it might take a full page of the blog itself...only God can pay back your countless kindness...for whatever you do...i wish you all the best...thanks a lot for being such a great friend of mine...

written with a pen,
seal with a kiss,
if u are my friend,
please answer this..
are we a friend or n0t?
u t0ld me once but i 4g0t,
s0 tell me n0w n tell me true,
s0 i can say,im here 4u..
of all the fiends i've ever met,
u're the one i wont 4get,
and if i die b4 u d0,
i'll go to heaven n wait 4u..

Happy 23rd Birthday...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

SEpErtI yAnG DijAnGKa...

Hiiiiiiiiiii uuoollsssssssss….semoga entry ni menemui uols semua sehat lah ye..

Tak dapat nak digambarkan dengan kata-kata berada bersama segerombolan manusia yang dari muda sampai ke tua…yang semuanya enthusiastic, super supportive and cool…penat lelah I menaiki kereta ikut jalan lama mcm org giler aku, lalu kat selangor yang maju tuhh…pastu masuk hiway plak..pastu tido semalaman,pastu lepak, pastu makan durian yang I suka tak suka tuh, pastu pegi stadium plak cari seat (selamat seat ok, kalau tidak aku hamun satu stadium!), memang best giler…rasa seronok sangat tgk ramai orang yg all excited coming along to watch their sons n daughters to perform beautifully which I had not seen that much during my time back then…memang berbaloi usaha iols uols..iols dah plan lama, and the time had finally come..iols pegi dengan kawan2 iols yg ada tak pernah tgk band ni secara live and they all loved it…thanks to them sbb nak jugak ikut iols..gegeh semuanya

Ok whatever, aku merapik kannn..iols pegi KEDAH, tengok pertandingan pancaragam sekolah2 negeri kedah yang memperlihatkan pertarungan sengit di antara bands yg sgt byk kat kedah tuh, pastu cheer clubs yg jugak bising whatever, tak behave ok..i tak dengar sound..pastu ngan makcik n pakcik yg sumer peramah..i like!
Tahun ni, macam tahun sebelumnya, ada byk laa band masuk…dorang ada 4 kategori kat sana..meletops tak??? Ada kategori sekolah rendah yg dipecahkan kepada dua iaitu pasukan brass band n pasukan pianika…and sekolah menengah ada divisyen 1 n 2..kitanya yg divisyen 1 tuh yg professional laa…basically muka asma aka semah, ksah n keat hwa..yg divisyen 2 tuh plak mcm band tak cukup org, or tak mantap lagi, or skolah tak cukup peruntukan nak beli alat baru..and apa2 lagi reasons yg uols boleh fikir laa..ahahahaha

Masa iols kira tang2 last tuh,,,ada 21 sekolah okeh yg bertanding campur sumer..super colourful laa..masa masuk stadium sultan abdul halim tuh..macam2 baju ada, siap iols amik gambar budak2 band SMK Che Tom..meletopzzz!! tom tom bak gitueww..pastu mcm iols kata jmp seat yg elok, sempat gak chat2 ngan budak sekolah dharma ke derma dari perils, yg tahun ni akan wakil perlis..iols buat risikan, dorang ada 16 trumpet, siot gila..separuh section aku dulu..pastu takde wind, clarinet sumer..100% drum corps..kuang hajaq..ahah tp dorang baru setahun, a long way to go..

Hari tuh, which was semalam, competition dijalankan selama satu hari..pagi peringkat primary school, tengah hari secondary second division, n mlm yg iols pegi tuh secondary first division..haruslahh nak pegi satu hari..MTMC..aha..basically yg 1st division tuh asma n ksah je ada,,keat hwa menjadi jemputan n bunyi dorang super mantap..lagu negaraku terus meremang bulu roma,nak dpt feel la katakan..so bila dorang buat peringkat mcm tuh, habis tak lewat laa..asma n ksah nya cheerclubs giler bapak bising, iols nak je naik join bebudak ksah tuh pastu sokong n jerit utk asma..boleh???ahhaa harus mati kena campak iols ke bawah…masa costume check tuh dia nya judges agak strict laa..siap dia tepuk2 kaki sorang budak ksah ni,,kendur kot..iols addinch tau..

So bila asma started tuh…gempak laa…baju colorguards makin menarik, tp tetap maintain purple..yg kurang menariknya pasal asma tahun ni ialah diorang main lagu tahun lepas uols!! Lagu klwmbc…iols rasa tahun lepas dorang terus masuk world, tak masuk state level, so dorang guna balik formation tuh sbb kira valid kat kedah..so kena tunggu la December ni kalau dorang tukar kan..bunyi n kaki dah mantap, nak tukar last minute ok jah..Cuma lagu fantasia bulan madu jadi static, sbb state level kan, n second song dia tuh mcm lagu cina kot..tak tau laa lagu apa, pastu siap dorang pny movement tangan2 karate campur fire ultraman..technically, the music was superb..mcm iols selalu kata, sound dorang bulat..iols kat kiri, trumpet kat kanan, tp bunyi mcm depan iols jah trumpet dia..perhaps sbb itu lagu thn lepas so dorang dah terer, sungguhpun somewhere over the rainbow tuh susah lagu dia..green sleeves (what child is this) pon dorang main..asma kann..nothing much I can comment on, music mmg sangat bagus, attack tepat, marching tuba handal, pastu kaki mmg tak kantoi…pendek kata mcm yg uols nampak tuh laa..

Time ksah plak giler laa cheer nya..dahla buat dlm stadium tertutup..berlaga2 ngan asma nya cheer..pening kepala uols..ksah nmpk mcm confident jugak memula..dorang pond ah ada color guards, 4 orang bebudak kecik yg iols suspect junior form 1 dia..lagu dia iols tak tau laa..tp ada 3 lagu iols tau..lagu ayat2 cinta, my heart n gunung kinabalu yg stf main tahun 2002 kat concert foon yew tu..iols tak suka pilihan lagu dia sbb ayat2 cinta tuh soft n slow, so bila dia sambung my heart, dia jadi mcm double slow n bosan..pastu my heart dah takde zaman ok..nak jugak main lagu tuh..tp whatever la kan..band dorang..in terms of sound, rasanya last year better..trumpet dorang tak berapa dengar, but the low brass was very powerful..sbb tuh tutup bunyi trumpet…mcm iols kat kiri, trumpet kat kanan, terus tak dengar trumpet..ada masa jelas ada masa blur..so in terms of sound tak berapa..but I must say better than st john yg akan wakil kl tuh..movement plak dorang agak berterabur, takde synchronisation, n dorang sebagai band lelaki tak nampak garang, I mean takde attitude..they should become something like vi or st john, ada pride gitu..tp itu boleh polish..yg paling astonishing was the drum major…sangat bagus, tak jatuh satu kali baling pon, pastu dia duk guling2 atas floor tuh ngan tongkat sakti dia…kiranya itu point si bebudak ksah nak jerit laa..tp persembahan 2 bands ni dah cukup buat iols sangat terhibur..

Pastu masa nak tunggu result si keat hwa buat performance lagi..ala2 orchestra sekolah jepun gituh..rambut budak pompuan dia sumer sama..potong ala2 dolls…kat parat bahu, pastu ada fringe..bagus tuh..semangat band..

And the winner goes to:- (drum rollllllll)

Primary brass band – SJKC Chung Hwa

Motif tau band ni…baju dia giler asma…purple n topi putih ‘sejibik’ ok...design lain skit jah..harussss weols keliru…tp band ni nampak bagus, siap dpt drum major terbaik..meletopss…band yg 2nd place SJKC keat hwa,,junior2 laa…topi dia biru..yg ini iols suka…band sekolah rendah dah mantap ok costume..menci!

Primary pianika- SK Sultanah Asma
Huh..junior jugak uols..dah ada pelapis..mana tak mantap..kuning uols...tang ni yg iols gelak macam nak mati…masa dorang duk umumkan no 2, bebudak sekolah ni, yg line depan la n drum majorette tuh whatever sgt tau..nampak dorang tetiba neves, pastu dada berombak2..DM dia dah tak tentu arah ni..cikgu dia siap laa amik gambar dia tgh neves2 tu..siap laa ada tutup mulut sumer takut feeling2 dah sure menang..boleh??ahha bila diumumkan je dorang ni menang, harus semua melompat mcm org giler..pastu yg sorang ni, ADM kot dia duk pegang sijil tuh siap nangis2…tutup muka ngan buku tuh..serious menangis ok!!! Terharu katanya…kitorang macam nak giler gelak..ya tuhan..sgt honest budak2, semoga dorang tuh sumer diberkati allah..pastu senior asma pun sumer duk jerit2 bagi sokongan kat adik2..ahahaha part ni paling hilarious..

Secondary Second Division – SMK Pendang

Ni iols takleh nak komen, tak tengok so tak tau laa..tetiba kannn..ahaha che tom dpt no 3 jah..voleylah..dorang dpt lagu lambat so training started lambat..kesiankan..tp takpe..dah ada no tuh harus naikkan semangat utk tahun depan..

Secondary First Division – SMK Sultanah Asma

Nanti uols tgk je la kat finals eh..5 august kan???ehehe

Secara keseluruhannya, mmg seronok gi tengok kat kedah..tahun 2004 dulu iols pegi tgk nationals kat sana..lepas 5 tahun pegi sana balik tgk state level..mmg meriah laa..dengan loghat kedah sumer kan..warna warni semuanya..semangat band dorang mmg mantap, atuk2 pon ada dating tengokadik2 kecik dah tiup trumpet..meletop kan..suka sgt…band ni mmg kena ada exposure yg meluas, sbb byk benefit dia..ini tak, tak habis2 bola sepak yg sure2 kalah tuh..muahahhaa ksah menang best drum major jah..so asma akan wakil kedah laa uols..bukan pendang, chung hwa mahupun asma junior okeh..

special thanks to amry, syahril n remy sbb teman iols ni haaa..tidak iols sorang jah kat sana..tak dpt laa nak pegi bendang whatever kan...tgk pekan rabu tuh sumer...mmg best pegi sana..sbb band laa paling utama..ehe..lain2 tuh spontaneous plans..so kitaols nantikan laaa nationals okeh!


'we have to wait for terengganu to perform this year...'